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No Words Comic Contest

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Grand Prize $1,000 USD + Adonit Pixel + Stylus Case for iPad Air & Air2




I tried for the first time creating a work without any dialogue and it was very interesting !
Thank you very much for appreciating my work.
I will continue to try improving my skills and if an opportunity presents itself, I would like to try once again creating a comic without words.

Thank you so much for the prize !
I also want to thank everyone who supported me.
I will continue creating comics for you !

Jury's review

Space dusk shows a wide palette of colors like an amusement park.
In the infinite outer space, all living beings, including humans, feel the same loneliness.

But the bonds that we meet in this environment bring hope and together we overcome frightful trials and eventually create an unbreakable bond.
The contrast between the static and the uniqueness of the universe seen in the scene of each comic box is so attractive.

The development of the story and the whole atmosphere of the work here were so impressive that it was selected as the winner

Second Place $500 USD + Adonit Touch + Stylus Case for iPad Air & Air2

  • Author Nachoz
    Title Red String


    I am very honored to be chosen as a winner among so many talented pieces. I found out about this contest exactly one month before its due date and thought ""this looks like fun!"" But I couldn't even think of any good story ideas until at least a week later. I didn't know if I would be able to complete a one shot in such a short amount of time, but I worked on it day in and out and got it done the night before the due date! I'm glad I joined this contest! This was such a great experience. Thank you!

    Jury's review

    Two hearts connected by a red thread.

    Who does that red thread lead to, in the end ?

    The bright red thread shining on black and white panels naturally induces the reader’s gaze.
    It is a work that clearly conveys the change of emotions to the readers with incredible neat and easy to understand character’s expressions.

    We think that the theme of the work is clearly expressed here and it is also a high level work that causes empathy to the reader by adding unfamiliar development to the end and even humor.

  • Author 變種水母


    Thank you so much for giving me the « Second Place » prize in this contest.

    As I was working on a silent manga at the same time by chance, I decided to enter the Nowords contest manga.
    While looking back, I feel like it was a bond or something rather than a simple coincidence.

    In my creations, I always set different goals each time and this time was to « organize a story based on the scene » only. But I am not completely satisfied with this one yet and therefore would like to continue and make it better in the future.

    Thank you to the judges for evaluating my work.
    I wil keep doing my best !

    Jury's review

    With an overwhelming drawing skills, from the magnificent and brilliant scene to the hair of the characters, each page is drawn perfectly.

    The story and flow is also very interesting, leaving room to the readers to interpret it. No sound effects has been used at all but it feels like the sound of wings or of steam engines can be heard thus creating a intimate dance between the readers and the story.

    The story itself is like a music played in silence. It is a work that deserves an award for both drawing power and story composition power.

  • Author tanky
    Title S!LENCE


    Thank you Medibang and Adonit for the recognition! I’m really happy. This comic marks the start of my storytelling journey and I hope readers will be willing to stay with me throughout this journey. Making comics is not easy and I want to show my respect for all the artists out there making comics! I’m working on my own comic titles now (one of them is a series!) and I’ll release them on Medibang from January 2017 onwards. Please follow me on my social media and my Medibang page for updates!

    Jury's review

    Drawing of the jungle is so elaborate and brings out the appeal of the work to the utmost by switching point of view.

    The details of the drawings give a feeling of reminiscent of a movie scene. Especially, the pursuit of the heroin and the tiger scene. It is so rough that the feeling of dynamism and the senses of speed are extremely well transmitted.

    A brave and good heroin and a tiger that understand a human heart…
    The story progresses gradually from the confrontation of the early stages to the reconciliation of both.
    It is a work that depicts harmonious coexistence between people and nature.