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General Comment

Gentlemen, I would like to thank you all for submitting your illustrations of the many secret societies. All of the secret societies were interesting and there were many organizations that I would like to infiltrate and join. I hope you will take a look at the winning entries, and I hope that in the future there will be a secret society that originates from ART street... Oh, I see someone has arrived.

The Best Secret Society Award 30,000JPY

Author LuongNights
Title The C.A.T.S

Comments from ART street

This is exactly what everyone imagines a "cool secret society" to be like.
I would like to award the "The Best Secret Society Award" to "LuongNights" for his depiction of a secret society that makes me feel like I want to join this secret society and go dark, or read a novel about the activities of this secret society.

The Secret Society Award 10,000JP

Comments from ART street

A true "Secret Society of Cats"! I believe that there is such an organization for both domesticated and stray cats in places where humans are not looking.
I wish I could join this organization as a cat.
Author mn
Title a minute

Comments from ART street

If you look at them casually, you will see two young men playing chess in a bar, but if you imagine what they are really doing behind the scenes, they look amazing.
It's exciting to imagine what kind of stories will unfold in this bar full of seclusion.
Author Liasi
Title 巫师集会

Comments from ART street

It's like a scene from a secret society in a comic book or movie... I wish I had a shiny ring.
But it must be difficult to infiltrate this organization, even with my powers...