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First Prize(100,000 JPY, a promise to have your work published in a magazine or a digital medium, and assignment of an editor.)

Not applicable

Bessatsu Friend Prize(50,000 JPY and assignment of an editor.)



Congratulations Ichimiri on winning the BetsuFure Award! ☆ This strange setting of, "You can see the name of the person you like" is the type of love story that is highly appreciated. The male character who shows their feelings for the heroine was also well done.In addition, the expression that shows that the heroine and boy are in love is gorgeous. I felt that it would be nice to have these two have an original series, so I'm looking forward to your future work.

Monthly Shounen Prize(50,000 JPY and assignment of an editor.)

After Darknessa/Odysseas Theodoratos



Overwhelmingly high drawing power! The theme and the artwork are also suitable to each other. The designing of the Grim Reaper and creatures, a scene in which a huge hand extends to the city, the drawing style of facial expressions, etc. It was a work that allowed me to feel your heat and passion for drawing! Since I noticed there is some influence from existing artists, I want you to work hard so that you can create your own original design. The story was unfortunate that the contents of the game were only drawn on the surface. Counterattack the god of death, find the way out of the rules; It would have been nice if the story was undulated as a suspense horror by drawing the efforts of the hero. I want you to do your best to be active in Japan!




High drawing power, I was impressed by this gentle story drawn with a warm design! It was a little childish, but including the two main characters,the characters and backgrounds are drawn with gentle brushstrokes, so I was able to read the process of making these two lovely friends with a smile.I was worried that the two main characters are a little unsatisfactory. Even though there are pros and cons,Once you continue to grow on drawing each character's charms, I think it will be a more delicious story! I look forward to your future success!

Honorable Mention-Bessatsu Friend(10,000 JPY)





Tears of blood flowing from the queen's eyes, and the background that the wind blows conveys the realism of the battlefield, I was drawn in instantly.The smile of the remaining princess is also adorable, I felt that I wanted to protect her. I want to read more!





I became curious about the relationship between two people who were getting closer as they got older! I long for such a childhood friend. The feelings of fondness and love they have for each other is transmitted from their expressions. Gives me a happy feeling.

Honorable Mention-Monthly Shounen(10,000 JPY)

Convallaria Majalis_ That which belongs to May/Crescent_Light


The design is very beautiful, you are especially good at drawing human faces! You have enough art skill to support the whole story. Starting with the last two crying faces, there were a lot of scenes that caught my eye. Though The story becomes a bit of a repetition of the same thing because of how easy it is to see the plot. Remember, ingenuity to keep readers from getting bored!