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1st place An invitation to design a character in "Yandere Simulator" & Free Yandere Simulator merchandise x 3

Comments from YandereDev

The artist of this illustration made a lot of very interesting creative decisions! The artist made numerous adjustments to the protagonist's clothing and accessories, but the essence of the character is still intact. The dark colors, the graffiti, the pink blood, the expression on the protagonist's face - all of these factors combine to create a very chilling atmosphere that makes this my favorite illustration!

2nd place An invitation to design a doll in "Yandere Simulator" & Free Yandere Simulator merchandise x 2

Author yokogon

Comments from YandereDev

I recognize how much time and effort are required to draw a single character, so I am very impressed that this artist drew 13 characters for this illustration! The artist's style is very cute, but the illustration carries a very dark feeling. This combination of "dark" and "cute" is the perfect mood for Yandere Simulator!

3rd place Free Yandere Simulator merchandise x 1

Author KiriYume
Title Yandere

Comments from YandereDev

Many artists drew very beautiful illustrations of Ayano, but I feel that this one did the best job of capturing the personality of the protagonist. She feels "empty", so it is appropriate to depict her without emotion, floating in a white void. The "Red String of Fate" around her finger is a very appropriate detail, and I am always very happy to see artists incorporate this into their fan art!