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Spring is almost here, and it seems like MeiMi-chan wants to play

hide and seek with
everyone at ART street!

So we present to you a new spring event "MISSION001 Find 7 hidden MeiMi-chan!!"


All around the website, 7 MeiMi-chan is hiding like this.
Find all 7 MeiMi-chan and receive a MeiMi-chan badge you can put on your my page!
If you achieve MISSION CLEAR during the campaign period, you might win an awesome prize!


  • 1

    Using the hint, find the hiding MeiMi-chan in ART street!

  • 2

    If you find a hiding MeiMi-chan, click! Or tap on the smartphone or tablet!
    When you click MeiMi-chan, her status will become Already Found.

  • 3

    When you find all MeiMi-chan, you will be able to click the entry button at the bottom of this page!
    Your status will become MISSION CLEAR when you click the entry button!
    ※A notification about the promotion gift will be sent only to the winners to their registered email on MediBang.


  • MeiMi-chan badge you can place on your My Page (for an indefinite period)
  • Until May 27, 2020! 30 people selected by a lottery will receive a 1000 yen Amazon gift card + MeiMi-chan acrylic stand only for those who live in Japan.

Hint from MeiMi-chan

These MeiMi-chan are hiding!

These 7 MeiMi-chan are hiding!

  • 1

    You should read this if you post illustrations and comics!
    MeiMi-chan probably checks how to keep this community safe and fun too!

  • 2

    ART street has many different contests. Maybe MeiMi-chan keeps an eye on them too!?

  • 3

    MeiMi-chan heard that if you edit your favorite tags, you can easily find the artwork that you might enjoy on the top page.
    She might have already started to add some tags.

  • 4

    What kind of illustrations do you have in your favorites?
    MeiMi-chan was curious what other people add to their favorites.

  • 5

    ART street has featured illustrations with all kinds of themes! MeiMi-chan seems to be wondering which theme she should start viewing.

  • 6

    ART street has interesting posts from all over the world.
    MeiMi-chan might be curious to see the new posts!

  • 7

    When you post on ART street, the LEVEL will go up, and the highest is LEVEL7!
    MeiMi-chan is surely checking which illustrations are popular and leveling up so much!

Total of completed missions

Total number of people who completed the mission (updated daily)



  • The MeiMi-chan you need to find is the ones hinted with a black silhouette.
    Other MeiMi-chan, like the one you see on the publish page, does not apply to this event.
  • When you find MeiMi-chan, you need to click (or tap), or it won't be counted.
  • Please do not expose the location of MeiMi-chan on blogs and social medias.
  • The acrylic stand can only be sent to those who live in Japan.
  • A notification about the promotion gift will be sent only to the winners to their registered email on MediBang.
    Please make sure it is a valid email address.
  • After the promotion period, the reward will only be a MeiMi-chan badge that you can place on your my page.