About Registration

Is registration required?
Viewing and downloading from the site doesn't require registration.
Submitting or selling your work requires registration.
Is this site free to use?
Signing up is free. Uploading, viewing submissions and selling your work are all free.※

※If you want to purchase goods on MediBang of course you will be require to pay for them.

My confirmation email never arrived.
Two things could have possibly happened.


[PC email]

The email was sent to your Spam folder or erased.
Please make sure the email isn't in your Spam folder or Trash can.
After you've located the email click on the link inside to finish activating your account.
In order to receive emails from MediBang in the future, please change your inbox settings to receive emails from the MediBang domain.

After that you can have the email re-sent from MediBang in the User Info page.

[Cell Phone email]

Depending on your carrier's settings you may not be able to receive messages from anything other than other cell phones.
You can change your email settings to accept emails from the domain and then have the email re-sent from the User Info page.


The second possibilty is that you incorrectly entered your email address.
Please try re-registering.
I forgot my password.
On the login page click "Forgot Password?"
I can't log in.
Two things could have possibly happened.

1.You could have incorrectly entered your password.

(1) Make sure that you used the correct casing (upper case or lower case) when entering your password.
(2) If that doesn't help reset your password by clicking 'Forgot password?' on the login page.

2. Your email address is incorrect.

(1) Make sure that you used the correct casing (upper case or lower case) when entering your email address.
(2) Try to log in using any other address you could have possibly registered with.

You can check you inboxes for announcements from MediBang to see which email address you registered under.

'Email address cannot be confirmed' was displayed.
You can have your confirmation email re-sent from the user info page.
After it is re-sent you should be able to click the link inside the email.

Until you confirm your email address your account will have the following restrictions.

・You will be unable to make purchases.
・You can only make 3 submission in each category (Comics・Novels・Comic Drafts・Illustrations).
・You won't be able to sell your work (on MediBang or other sites from MediBang).
・You won't be able to create new groups.
・You won't be able to send messages to other users.
・You won't be able to link a bank account.
・You will only be able to cloud save one file in MediBang Paint・MangaName.

I want to check my user info.
In the user info page you can check your username, registered email address, password and linked bank accounts.
You can access this page by clicking on the cog shapped icon near the top of the MediBang page.
I want to change my user info.
On the user info page click the 'Modify' button to the right of the section you would like to change.

※After changing your email address or password you will receive an email with a link you need to click in order to confirm your new info.

I want to delete my MediBang account
Contact MediBang from the Contact link to delete your account.

About buying and selling

How do I sell my work?
1. From your list of submissions click on the 'Details' of the book you want to sell.
2. From 'Publish / Sell' choose what store you want to sell on, the price, and the trial settings.
3. At the very top of the details page, click the button to publish your work on other stores to begin the process.

※Depending on which stores you're selling on it can take different amounts of time before your work is published. The details can be found in 'About publishing in stores' ・'How soon will my work be published?'.

How can I get my money after selling something?
1. On the Account Info page, register a bank account or PayPal account in the ‘Bank Account’ or ‘PayPal Account’ sections. (※)
2. Next select 'Withdraw' on the user info page.

※Only bank accounts created in Japan can be registered.

※Be careful when inputting your bank account infomation any mistakes will prevent you from being able to transfer money.
※For Yuucho Bank users you need to check the Yuucho Bank home page for your bank branch, bank account number, and other information.

※ If your account information is incorrect you will be unable to receive payments. Please make sure your information is entered correctly.

※ After PayPal payments have been made they must be accepted within 30 days. Please make that sure you accept your payments within 30 days otherwise they will be withdrawn.

How much money can I transfer?
In order to transfer money you need a balance of at least 1000 yen.
If you request a transfer with less than 1000 yen the transfer will not be made until you have over a 1000 yen balance.
The period when you can see funds varies from store to store. On MediBang you can view proceeds from the previous day.

1. On MediBang you can view proceeds from the previous day.

2. On other stores you may only be able to see proceeds from the previous month.

How long does it take for me to receive money after it's been transferred?

1 Using a bank account

The money should arrive the Friday of the following week.
If that Friday happens to be a holiday the money should arrive the next business day.
(Banks will apply surcharges to bank transfers.)

2 Using PayPal

Transfers will be made Friday the following week to the PayPal account registered by the user in Japanese currency. Users will be responsible for currency conversion fees.

How much is the surcharge for transfers?

1 Using a bank account

The fees vary from bank to bank.

Transfer surcharge Rakuten Bank 103 yen
Other banks Under 30,000 yen 165 yen
Over 30,000 yen 258 yen
If there is an error with your registered bank account
a 648 yen penalty may be charged.

2 Using PayPal

Proceeds will be transferred in Japanese Yen

Transaction fees will vary depending on country, region, and currency. Please check with PayPal for details.

What happens to my sales if I want to close my account?
As long as you have a balance over 1000 yen your proceeds will be transferred to you once you close your account.
If you have less than 1000 yen, proceeds in your balance it will not be transferred.
What are the payment methods when purchasing a book?
Payments can be made by credit card or by PayPal.
Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club credit cards are accepted.
Will the author of a book be notified if I purchase their book?
They will not be notified.
If a book I purchase is edited do I need to purchase it again?
After you've purchased a book you can re-downoad it to obtain the edited version.
Can I read a book I purchased after it's been deleted from MediBang?
Yes. After you've purchased a book you can read it whenever you like.
Can I cancel a purchase?
You cannot cancel electronic book purchases.

About publishing in stores

I can't decide which store to publish on.
You have several options when publishing your books.


・MediBang Exclusive

Published only on MediBang.

・MediBang and other publishers

Published on MediBang, iBooks Store, Google Play Books, BOOK☆WALKER(BW Indies), and Rakuten Kobo Store at the same time.


・MediBang Exclusive

Sold on MediBang only

・MediBang and other stores

Published on MediBang, Kindle, iBooks Store, Google Play Books, BOOK☆WALKER(BW Indies), and Rakuten Kobo Store at the same time. Stores cannot be chosen separately.

・Kindle Exclusive

Sold only on Kindle.
Can I sell books on stores outside of Japan?
Books can only be sold in Japanese stores and they can only be sold in Japanese or English.
What kind of goods can I sell in other stores?
Files must be under 100MB to be published. (Regardless if it's a series or a oneshot)

・Pages must be 600〜1500px by 800〜2000px in size. (A 3:4 ratio)
・Comics must be over 30 pages.
・Art books must be over 20 pages.
・Novels must consist of over 3000 characters.

The following types of works cannot be published.
・Works with adult content.
・Works that include links to solicitations, advertisements or inappropriate material.
 ※ Comments in your work's summary that use links to direct people to other sites etc.
・Works that promote contests on sites unrelated to MediBang
・Works that are already being sold on one of the other stores (Kindle, iBooks Store, Google Play Books, BOOK☆WALKER(BW Indies), or Rakuten Kobo Store).
・Novels that are uploaded in PDF format.
・Works that are covers only or public domain works.
・Works that have error messages displaying in them.

For more information please read "How is my work checked after I submit it?".

Is there anything I need to worry about when uploading covers?
There are some things you need to be careful of.

・Making sure the author's name is on the cover
・Making sure book sizes are above, 625x1000px
 (Recommended size: 1,680x2,376)
・Works under 5MB

※When publishing at iBooks, books must have a height of at least 1400px.
If the cover size is below 1400px the book will not be sold on iBooks. It will only be sold on (Kindle, Google Play Books, BOOK☆WALKER(BW Indies)).

Is there anything I need to know when writing a summary?
There are some things you need to be careful about.

・Trying to direct people to your page from you summary.
 ex:'If you want to know more about this book go to my page' etc.
・Using the summary to promote unrelated goods.
・Obscene material
・Including any personal information abut yourself (phone number, address or email).
・Using the summary to promote the print version of your book.
・Posting spoilers.
・Posting reviews other people wrote in your summary.
・Using your summary to get people to write good reviews.
・Making limited time offers.

How much can I sell my work for?
Depending on how and where you're selling prices can differ.

【MediBang and other stores at the same time】


【Kindle Exclusive】


How is my work checked after I submit it?
The guidelines are different for each site.
Below are some common criteria, but be sure to check each site's guidelines.

・Typos and missing words.
・The cover title and author's name.
・Whether images are blurry or too light or dark.
・Whether the book has duplicated or missing pages.
・Whether the book is in the correct format (books must be in text format not PDF, jpeg numbers must be set).

I want to preview my work before I publish it.
On the Kindle Store you can preview the work's ePUB.

1. First download Amazon's previewer.
2. In the previewer convert the ePub file into a mobi file.
3. Now you can see how your book will look as an ebook in the previewer.

If I pick Kindle Exclusive what are the limitations for publishing in other stores?
If your book is a kindle exclusive you aren't allowed to sell your book on other stores, on your own site, or other websites.
You're only allowed to show up to 10% of the content of you book as a sample.
For more details view Kindle's website.
How soon will my work be published?
The time period differs depending on the publisher.

・Approximately 7 business days for Kindle, Google Play, BOOK☆WALKER(BW Indies), and Rakuten Kobo.
・Approximately 30 business days for iBooks.

Can I edit books after submitting them?
With the exception of extremely huge errors you can't edit your work after it's been published.
If you have a serious error, fill out a Contact form with your work's title, what you want to edit, and the reason why edits need to be made.
Can I change the price of my work?
After you submit you work to a store you cannot change the price.
Can I suspend/cancel the sell of my work?

1. To cancel your sales of books that are on MediBang and other stores at the same time

You need to contact MediBang by using a contact form.
If you're selling on MediBang and other stores cancelling on one store will cause your sells to be cancelled on all sites.
Cancel requests can be granted.

2. For Kindle Exclusive books

Books can only be during a 90 cycle.
Can I delete my work or make it private?
In order to delete your work or make it private after it's been published in stores you must contact MediBang.
Once done the sales on other store will be cancelled. ※When deleted from MediBang, Kindle exclusive books will not be immediately removed from the Kindle store.
In order to stop sales on Kindle it may take some time. Please contact Kindle for more details.
Where can I check my sales?
You can view your sales under the 'Sales' tab in User Info.

※For Rakuten Kobo, and BOOK☆WALKER(BW Indies), sales from 2 months prior can be views.

What are KU/KOL dividends?
Kindle exclusive works will be included in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited, and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.
Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners' Lending Library. books will receive dividends from KDP Select once over 10% of their contents have been read.
As with the Kindle Store royalties are paid approximately sixty (60) days following the end of the calendar month.

Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners' Lending Library. will be displayed under "Settings" and "Sales" labeled as (KU/KOL分配金).
When can I transfer funds?
You can transfer funds from transactions made two months prior and up.
These transactions will be the entire monthly sales of that given month.
See also 'How can I get my money after selling something?'.


System Requirements
Below is a list of recommended browsers for viewing this site.

Windows 8.1 and up : Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above, Firefox (the newest version), Google Chrome (the newest version).
Mac OS X : Firefox (the newest version), Google Chrome (the newest version), or Safari (the newest version).

Using any other browser could result in objects on the site not properly displaying.

For problems not addressed in the help section please fill out a 'Contact' form.
Someone will contact you as soon as possible.