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Announcement From MediBang Inc.

In order to achieve our mission of "everyone in the world can become a creator", we have been planning and updating MediBang Paint.
The recently released, "MediBang Library," a new function that allows you to practice drawing while having fun, has been well enjoyed by many users. We hope to bring you some more updates soon.
We are constantly improving our service to make it better, but we are still not close to our goal. We have made a big decision to speed up the improvement for the quality of our service.

Starting in September 2021, MediBang Paint will launch a subscription service called "MediBang Premium."
Below are some examples of the services and changes you will be able to access by subscribing to "MediBang Premium".

  • Unlimited access to more than 200 paid materials and brushes from ART street.
  • Ability to hide ads on all platforms.
  • Unlimited access to paid filters and exclusive fonts.
  • For non-subscribers, the cloud storage capacity is 3GB and the team participation limit is 3 teams.

For more information about "MediBang Premium" please visit the website.

After the release of MediBang Premium, you will still be able to use the basic functions for creating manga and illustrations for free on MediBang Paint!
If you have already purchased a paid option such as the Creative Pack, you will be able to continue to use the features that were available in the paid option, regardless of whether you have subscribed to MediBang Premium or not.

Our goal is to continue to improve MediBang Paint in order to provide a more powerful, intuitive, and creative experience. For us to reach this, it will take numerous members and invested time to make it happen. Therefore, if you see great value in MediBang Paint, please support us to improve our services.

MediBang Paint has grown into the service that it is today, not only because of our efforts, but also due to your support. Once again, we would like to express our gratitude.

Thank you for your continued loyalty to MediBang Paint.

MediBang Inc.
MediBang Paint Team