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Achievement badge - Achieve MISSION CLEAR to earn badges! Jan 14, 2021 - Feb 16, 2021 17:00(JST) App Store & iTunes gift card<br>/Google Play gift card 1000 yen

Complete a mission
to collect badges!

We want you to have more fun on ART street, so we added achievement badges!

You can earn many different badges
by completing different actions on ART street.

We plan to release badges frequently.

What is an achievement badge?
By completing certain missions, such as participating in an ART street event, or communicating with other users, you will receive badges. You can check which badges you have in your My Page!
We will keep releasing badges, so please try to complete them and enjoy ART street!

If you complete the mission during the achievement event, you will receive a limited badge! On top of that, winners chosen by random will receive an "App Store & iTunes gift card / Google Play gift card 1000 yen"!!*

*Please note that if you complete the mission, you must click the enter button, or you will not receive the prize.


It can be displayed in My PageART street villagerBadge
It can be displayed in My PageCelebrating the new feature!Limited badge
App Store & iTunes gift card
/Google Play gift card 1000 yen(30 winners)

Limited timeJan 14, 2021 - Feb 16, 2021 17:00(JST)
Limited reward for achieving MISSION CLEAR during the period


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  • Comment on an artwork
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Important notes

[Limited offer]

  • If the number of entrants exceeds the amount of the prize, the winners will be chosen by random.
  • After the raffle, only the winners will be contacted by to the email they registered on their MediBang account.
    Please check your email settings before checking to see if you received the email.
  • If you do not reply in time, your award will be canceled.
  • MediBang has the right to make the final decision to give the reward.
  • We will contact the email that is registered to your MediBang account.

[About receiving the prize]

  • The winners will receive an email asking for information that is necessary for shipping the reward.