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Let's Challenge! Analog Drawing Campaign

It has become common to draw digital illustrations and to look at digital illustrations.
However, the origin of "drawing illustrations" is analog!
So, why don't you try to draw analog illustrations?
The "Analog Drawing Campaign" is now open!
If you don't have the equipment and can't draw digital illustrations, or if you've only been drawing digital illustrations, or if you're an analog artist, we welcome you!
(*By the way, ART street usually accepts analog submissions!)
Please join this campaign!

Summary of The Campaign

Please take a picture of your analog drawing with a camera or scan it to make digital data.
Attach the tag "AnalogDrawing" to the illustration and post it on ART street to complete your entry!

There is the ease of drawing without equipment such as a PC or tablet, but also the difficulty of not having digital functions such as layers...
Analog illustrations have many charms that digital ones do not have!
Whether you usually draw illustrations or not, please give it a try!

Submission Due

1/3/2021 (Monday) ~ 31/3/2021 (Wednesday) (JST)

Winner Prize

One winner will receive a set of 72 Copic colors!
Use this to make your analog illustrations even better!


・If you are posting from a smartphone, we recommend that you save the photo to your device and post it from your photo library. (If you take a photo on the submission screen, it may be rotated 90 degrees.)
・Unlike normal contests, you will need to enter the tags manually by yourself. We recommend that you lock your tags.
・Tags may be deleted if the submission is not an analog illustration or if the management deems it inappropriate.

About the Judging Process

All of ART street Staffs will carefully examine the entries. The winning entry will be the one we feel is the most "fun!"

It doesn't matter if you draw colorfully or in black and white!
It doesn't matter if you can't draw well!
We are looking forward to seeing your analog illustrations that express your feelings that "drawing is fun!"

Please note

・Please follow the submission guidelines.
・Prizes will be sent only to those who live in areas where they can be purchased and shipped from Japan.
 Please note that we cannot send the prizes if we find out after the notification that the prizes cannot be shipped to your area.
・The winner will be contacted by aa at the email address registered in your MediBang account.
 Please check your email settings and check your mailbox.
・MediBang will have the final decision on the winner and the gift.
・Please note that the shipping of the prizes may be delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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