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Let's make a ONE PIECE LINE stamp!

LINE has announced that for a limited time, they will allow any user to create a ONE PIECE stamp!!
Leave the frustrating procedure to MediBang! We will buy your stamp design for 15,000 yen!!
You can only submit stamps from Japan, but because MediBang will be selling it, users from outside of Japan can create their own LINE stamps! Design a ONE PIECE stamp in your own style!

[What is a LINE stamp?]

LINE is the go to messenger app for Japanese people. LINE stamps are stickers you can use in LINE to emote!

[Why should I sell my design to MediBang instead of selling them on my own?]

Let's say you sell a sticker for 50 LINE coin (120 yen)...
LINE Creators Collaboration stamp sales distributed profit 20% (of total sales) = 24 yen profit per sale!!
Therefore 15,000 yen = About 625 sales!! (strictly speaking, it's a bit more than that because of taxes...)

"More than 625 sales? Piece of cake dude!" If you are confident like that, then you should go to directly to LINE Creators Market!!

If you are unsure about making 625 sales, don't want to deal with procedures, or live outside of Japan, try to get the cash prize from ART street, it's worth a shot!
If you do not win, you can also submit your stamp directly to LINE!

[Cash Prize]

Cash prize will be given to 10 people max, after the stamp is accepted to LINE!!

[How to Enter]

①Download the template below, and draw inside the boxes.
※No screenshots
※We will ask the winners to provide us a PSD or a MDP file where the template and the illustration is in a separate layer.
Please do not get rid of the original file.
②Post on ART street with the tag ”ONEPIECEChallenge”
Please look at theLINE Creators Collaboration ONE PIECEpage before you enter.


Please use this template image by saving it to your device.

[Entry Period]

July 21 , 2020~August 31, 2020 (JST)

[MediBang reviewing period]

MediBang will review the entries during this period.

September 1, 2020 - September 30, 2020(JST)

[About the reviewing process]

Please check the reviewing guideline from LINE for their process.
The cash prize will be paid after the artwork is accepted by LINE.
If LINE rejects the artwork, we will inform you about the reason, so please fix the artwork accordingly.

[About the payment of the cash prize]

The cash prize will be given to the MediBang account you used to enter your artwork.
You must register a PayPal account to receive the cash prize. (The handling charges will not be included)

[Important notes]

・ Since this is not an official contest, you must add the tag manually.
・If you are selected, the cash prize will be given after LINE reviews and accepts the stamp. Please note that despite winning, the cash prize will not be given to those who got rejected or being reexamined.
・ This is an outright purchase. There will be no shared profit when the LINE stamp is sold.
・ Please do not sell the stamp you entered while we are still reviewing.
・ If we find out you have been selling the stamp, the award will be canceled.
・ When the reviewing period is over and you did not get any notice from us, you can sell the LINE stamp on your own.
・ You can change the character pose on the template.

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