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"MediBang Library" Commemorative Event Medy-chan&Meimi-chan Dress-Up Challenge


A new feature called "MediBang Library"has been added to
the free illustration and manga creation tool "MediBang Paint"!

To celebrate, we'll be holding a campaign using the
"Let's draw clothes" content in the MediBang library!

We hope you'll help dressing up Medy-chan and Meimi-chan in some nice clothes!


※Entrants are able to add accessories or backgrounds in their submissions.

The Theme & How to Participate

  • The theme of the cloth


How to Participate

All you have to do is draw an outfit using the template in the "MediBang Library" < "Let's draw clothes" in MediBang Paint (iPhone, iPad, Android version).

When you have finished, post it on ART street with the tag Dress-up_Challenge to complete your entry.

If you have made any direct edits to the character body (such as repainting or altering parts), your entry will not be considered.

When you submit your work, please include details and descriptions of your costume so that the judges can pay more attention to it.

Download MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint

  • iPad

    iPad版 App Store
  • iPhone

    iPhone版 App Store
  • Android

    Android版 Google Play HUAWEI AppGallery

※By the way, we don't have a PC version yet, sorry! Please take this opportunity to try out the iPhone/Android/iPad versions as well!

Please make sure how to submit and set a tag with the movie below:
This is a video from a previous campaign. Please note that the tags are different.


JST April 28, 2021(Wed)- May 28, 2021(Fri)


5000 yen for 5 winners
The prize money will be deposited to your MediBang account. You need to register a PayPal account to receive your prize money. (Fees are the responsibility of the awardee.)

Who is Medy-chan & Meimi-chan ?



ProfileSince 2016, She is supporting MediBang Paint as an Official Character of MediBang Paint.

BornPlanet MEDI☆Paint Area

Height, Weight, and AgeHeight is 20cm. Weight and Age are unknown.

FeaturesShe is a master of color. She likes cream puffs and chocolate pudding.

FriendsHer friends are "Beni" with a goofy personality, "Ai" with a cool personality, and "Ryoku" with a mischievous personality.



ProfileSince 2019, She is supporting MediBang Paint as an Official Character of MediBang Paint.

JobART street telegraph station's new operator.

Height, Weight, and AgeSecret〜🐱

Main work, etc.Meimi-chan's role is to spread the small dreams (ART) on ART street.
She is a good friend of Medy-chan and looks up to her as if she were her real sister. She loves Taiyaki.

SecretHer ears are receiver to catch the ART.

Please Read

Unlike normal contests, you will need to enter the tags manually. We recommend that you lock your tags to prevent a third party from editing them.
If your work is not drawn using the "Let's draw clothes" function of the MediBang Library, or if the administrators deem it inappropriate, the tag may be deleted.

About The Judging

ART street staff "MediBang Staff No.4" and happy friends will carefully examine the works and select the work that they like the most as the winner.
MediBang Staff No. 4 loves works that are "exciting to look at even though I don't know what it is" rather than good or bad pictures.
We're looking forward to seeing your beautiful costumes!


  • Please follow the submission guidelines.
  • The winner will be contacted by to the email address registered in his/her Mediban account.
    Please check your email settings and check your mailbox.
  • If you do not contact us within the deadline for replying, or if we cannot confirm the registration of your PayPal account in your MediBang account, you will not be eligible for the prize.
  • Regardless of whether or not you win the prize, your entry may be posted on websites and social networking services managed by MediBang Inc. Please be aware of this in advance.

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