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First Round Free Profile Image

Hello from Japan! This year we had a long rain season that seemed it would last forever, followed by a lovely heatwave. How is the weather at your area? Anyway, have you noticed that ART street and MediBang apps keep showing masterpiece paintings as the profile image? We have updated our websites and apps, so that if a user has not set up a profile image, a random masterpiece painting will show up instead. I mean it used to be a cliche blank avatar icon... so it seemed like a good idea at the time... Anyway, some users seem to want a cool profile icon instead of an old painting, but they can't draw because they are just here to look! So we give you this new ART street project. We want you to create a profile image that those people can use. Gain some fans! Also you might win an iPad and an Apple Pencil!! Let's do this!

[About this project]

For artists:
Please create a free profile image that people can use on social media (including ART street), as long as it is not commercial use.
A square image is recommended, but we don't have restrictions on sizes.
Please add the tag "freeprofilepic" and make sure it's locked.
* Please note that if the tag is not locked, it is not qualified for this project.
Recommended size is 1500 x 1500 pixels.


For those who want to use the free profile image:
- You may use them in your personal and non commercial social media profiles (including ART street)
- Please only use the images with the locked tag "freeprofilepic"
You can't download the images with a smartphone, so please download them from your PC.
If the tag is not locked, it might not be a tag added by the artist, so please do not use those.
- For those who use smartphones: We will feature the high quality entries, and you will be able to download them from that page.
- Claiming the artwork is yours, redistribution, and editing is prohibited.
- Artists usually love to be thanked or receive feedback, so if you decide to use them, you should let them know!

Which is locked tag?


template template template
We have 3 template images. Feel free to use them!
For PC, right click and save. For smartphones, press and hold the image and download.
You don't have to use the template!

[Entry period]

September 7, 2020 - October 11, 2020
(Japan standard time)


If you have this, you can draw or watch videos lying down! It's an iPad and Apple Pencil!

[How the winner is decided]

The staffs will select the ones that they would love to use as a profile images The one with the most votes win.


For those that wonder how a free profile image should look like, MediBang staffs created some examples!


[I don't have a painting app.. what should I do?]

There is a free digital painting app that you can use on your computer, Android, iPhone, and iPad.
It's called MedIBang Paint. You should try it!

[Important notes]

- Please respect the entry terms.
- If you post an artwork with the "freeprofilepic" tag and lock it, you are assumed that you posted for this project. If entering this project lead to a conflict with a third person, we will not take responsibility.
- The winner is contacted by the email that they have registered on MediBang.
- If there is a delay in sending packages overseas due to COVID91, the delivery of your prize may also be delayed.

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