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First Round Free Profile Image
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Hello from Japan! This year we had a long rain season that seemed it would last forever, followed by a lovely heatwave. How is the weather at your area? Anyway, have you noticed that ART street and MediBang apps keep showing masterpiece paintings as the profile image? We have updated our websites and apps, so that if a user has not set up a profile image, a random masterpiece painting will show up instead. I mean it used to be a cliche blank avatar icon... so it seemed like a good idea at the time... Anyway, some users seem to want a cool profile icon instead of an old painting, but they can't draw because they are just here to look! So we give you this new ART street project. We want you to create a profile image that those people can use. Gain some fans! Also you might win an iPad and an Apple Pencil!! Let's do this!

Winner artwork





This is just too cute, and why it's chosen as the winner! Even as a small icon, it's extremely cute. It's perfect for those who love the kawaii culture!

Honorable mentions

We received many amazing entries, that at one point we questioned "Wait, we can use these as a profile pic for free??". If you are sick of your profile pic being a masterpiece painting, and you aren't an artist, or you just want to pretend you are a sweet potato... try using them!

We received almost 1000 entries. Thank you so much for entering your precious artwork for this project! If you see a profile image that you like, please download by right clicking on your computer, since you cannot download an image from the smartphone with the exception of this contest page. From this page, you can press and hold on the smartphone to download the image you want to use. We hope you enjoy using them!

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