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So Bad it's Good Championship Round 4
Theme: "Sports"

A chance to win an iPad Air!
The "So Bad it's Good Championship Round 4" is here!
You don't have to think, "I'd like to participate in this campaign, but I can't draw very well..." Don't worry!
It doesn't matter if you can't draw well, everyone can enjoy the challenge!

About This Project

Use the template below to draw a "sports" subject.
Soccer, baseball, tennis, kabaddi...? You can draw any sport as your subject!
Please write what you have drawn in the box below the template.
Once you have completed your drawing, post it on ART street with the tag "SoBadItsGood" to complete your entry.

We believe that the charm of a badly drawn picture lies in the personality of the person who drew it.
Don't worry about your drawing skills!
You may find your own charming personality mixed in with the drawings!
Let's start drawing!
Let's have fun drawing and letting your wonderful illustration explode!





Entry Period

July 23, 2021-September 5, 2021(Japan Time)

Winner Prize

The one participant that drew the most oddly good art that impressed the staffs the most will win an iPad Air!

We ask you

・This is a "So bad it's good" championship. We don't recommend sending art that is just good (Nothing will happen, but the chances of winning will be lower).
・The theme is "Sports". We don't recommend you sending something so simple that it's impossible to recognize. For example, a dot, or a single straight line (Nothing will happen, but the chances of winning will be lower).
・Unlike the usual contests, you need to add the tag yourself. Locking the tag is recommended, to avoid others from editing.
・The tag might be deleted if your artwork doesn't use the template, has nothing to do with the theme, or other reasons that make it inappropriate.

Judging Criteria

This time, ART street staff member Yukino will be a judge, and will carefully examine the works.The work with the most "indescribable goodness" will be chosen as the winner.

ART street staff


I am involved in the operation of ART street and MediBang Painting.
Also a member of MediBang's YouTube channel, where we broadcast once a week.
ART street:

We will show you some of the "so bad it's good" drawings from the staffs as an example.


I don't have a painting app...

Did you know there is a free painting app you can use on the computer, Android,
iPhone, or iPad? It's called MediBang paint. You should check it out.

Please note

Please follow the submission guidelines.
・The Winners will be contacted by
 Please check your email inbox and confirm your email settings. If you do not contact us within the reply deadline, you will not be eligible for the prize giveaway!
・Prizes will be sent only to those who live in areas where they can be purchased and shipped from Japan.
・Please note that we cannot send the prizes if we find out after the notification that the prizes cannot be shipped to your area.
・If the corona virus is affecting the transportation, sending the award might be delayed.

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