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MediBang Paint 70,000,000 Downloads Anniversary Colorful★Illustration Campaign


Thanks a lot for posting unique and colorful illustrations!
Now, we would like to announce the illustrations that are selected by us and the lottery system!✨

Best Award Prize Winner (1 person)

Prize: 50,000 yen
Extra prize: EIZO ColorEdge CS2410

Comment from MediBang Paint Team

We had a vote within the MediBang Paint Team, and this illustration received the most votes!
It was really exciting to see this illustration because the coloring is so vivid and it matches well with the theme of this campaign, “colorful”! Not only that, Medi-chan is drawn so cute and pretty and caught our eyes!
We all hope that you will keep drawing pretty illustrations with MediBang Paint!

Excellence award (3 people)

Prize: 10,000 yen

Prize Winners of MediBang Original Acrylic Smartphone Stand (10 applicants chosen by lottery system)

* Some of the winners did not respond by the due date, so the above 8 winners will be eligible for the prize.

We would like to thank you again for joining the campaign and submitting many illustrations!
We are always grateful for your continued support for MediBang Paint!😊

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