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In-app Official Illustration Campaign Your illustration will be on the login screen of MediBang Paint!



Your illustration may be displayed in MediBang Paint, an app that has been downloaded over 60 million times worldwide!
We are looking for background illustrations to be displayed on the registration and login screens of MediBang Paint!
All you have to do is draw an illustration based on the theme and submit it.
We will use your work on the registration and login screen of the illustration tool used by creators all over the world.
We are looking forward to seeing your wonderful illustrations.



Vertical (for App) Template

MDP Download PSD Download PNG Download

Horizontal (for iPad) Template

MDP Download PSD Download PNG Download
  • 2021 Theme


How to Participate

1. Draw an illustration
2. Set the tag The_1st_Official .
3. Submit it to ART street


Please choose from the following two sizes to submit your illustration.
Vertical (for App): Width 1000 pixels , Height 2000 pixels
Horizontal (for iPad): Width 2000 pixels , Height 1000 pixels
Resolution: 350dpi


Please follow the format and tag.

Submission Summary

July 21, 2021 00:00 - September 30, 2021 00:00(JST)


・Vertical (for App): Width 1000 pixels, Height 2000 pixels
・Horizontal (for iPad): Width 2000 pixels wide, Height 1000 pixels
・Resolution: 350dpi


  • Please follow the submission guidelines.
  • Unlike normal contests, tags must be entered manually by the entrant. We recommend that you lock your tags to prevent a third party from editing them.
  • If your work is not related to the theme, or is deemed inappropriate by the administration, your tag may be deleted or you may not be selected.
  • After screening, we will contact to the winners via email from
    Please check your email settings and check your mailbox.
    Please note that if you do not reply to the email within the reply deadline written in the email, you will not be eligible.


・Anyone in the world can participate.
・Multiple entries are possible.


・The ART street editorial team will strictly review at least one illustration each (Vertical for app and Horizontal for iPad).
・Please follow the submission guidelines and notes

MediBang Paint ?

MediBang Paint is a free illustration tool that can be used on PC, Android, iPhone and iPad.
Lots of features are free, so download it!

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