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1 Hour Drawing Challenge Week!


Thank you for 7 days!
We know how hard to draw in 1 hour, but we enjoyed to see precious illustrations for 1 week. We deeply appreciate for your participation!
Do you want to challenge 1 hour drawing?
At the same time and same theme, everyone starts drawing!
We hold the "1 Hour Drawing Challenge Week!!"

We will announce a theme every day through April, 19 JST 8:30 (Mon) to April, 25 JST 11:00 (Sun)!
Please draw within the time limit and submit
with 1hDrawingChallenge tag from MediBang Paint!

1 winner get 5,000 yen every day for 1 week!


We will present 5,000 yento one person who participates for 1 week straight!

※The prize money will be deposited to your MediBang account. Please register a PayPal account to receive your prize money.

Theme & Results

  • April, 19 (Mon) Result

    Theme [ Dog ]

    April, 19 (Mon) Result
  • April, 20 (Tue) Result

    Theme [ Boy ]
    B e e 48...🐝

    April, 20 (Tue) Result
  • April, 21 (Wed) Result

    Theme [ Bird ]

    April, 21 (Wed) Result
  • April, 22 (Thu) Result

    Theme [ Cat ]

    April, 22 (Thu) Result
  • April, 23 (Fri) Result

    Theme [ Girl ]

    April, 23 (Fri) Result
  • April, 24 (Sat) Result

    Theme [ Favorite Character ]

    April, 24 (Sat) Result
  • April, 25 (Sun) Result

    Theme [ Favorite Character ]
    Kurogami akira

    April, 25 (Sun) Result
7 Days Participation Award


  • 月曜日ワンドロ
  • 火曜日ワンドロ
  • 水曜日ワンドロ
  • 木曜日ワンドロ
  • 金曜日ワンドロ
  • 土曜日ワンドロ
  • 日曜日ワンドロ

Application Overview

[ 1 Hour Drawing Week ]

  • April, 19 (Mon)
    JST(GMT+9) 8:30-10:00
  • April, 20 (Tue)
    JST(GMT+9) 11:30-13:00
  • April, 21 (Wed)
    JST(GMT+9) 10:30-12:00
  • April, 22 (Thu)
    JST(GMT+9) 9:30-11:00
  • April, 23 (Fri)
    JST(GMT+9) 12:30-14:00
  • April, 24 (Sat)
    JST(GMT+9) 11:30-13:00
  • April, 25 (Sun)
    JST(GMT+9) 9:30-11:00

Please make sure that the event time change from day to day, so be sure to check it!

[ Time Limit ]

1 hour and 30 minutes from the theme announcement.

[ Announcement ]

We will announce a theme at the starting time following place below:

Camapign Page "Theme & Result" Section

ART street TOP page "Today's ART street"

ART street Official Twitter

MediBang Paint Official Twitter

MediBang Paint App Push Notification

 ※We recommend to turn on push notification.

 How to turn on↓


"Setting"→"Notifications"→Select "MediBang" → Tap "Allow Notifications"
※The settings may differ for each device and OS.


"Setting"→”Apps & Notifications"→"Notifications" →"See all apps"→”MediBang Paint"→"Notifications"→turn on "All MediBang Paint notifications"
※The settings may differ for each device and OS.

[ How to Submit ]

Please submit directly to ART street from MediBang Paint(PC & App), and set 1hDrawingChallenge tag.

Please watch this video for how to set tags.
This is a video from the last campaign. Please note that tags are different.

[ Award ]

1 winner picked everyday (7 people in total): 5000 yen present!

1 winner participating 7 days straight drawn by lottery participating 7 days straight: 5,000 yen present!

Judging & Results

[ Judging ]

Any art expresses MediBang Paint Team.

[ Result Announcement ]

The result will be announced at the same time as the timing of the next day's theme announcement.
Example: When the theme is announced on April, 20(Tue), the result of April, 19(Mon) will be announced.

Important Notes

  • Please follow the submission guidelines.
  • will contact you at the email address you have registered in your MediBang account.
    Please make sure email settings to receive our emails.
    Click here to confirm the email address you have registered for your MediBang account.
    If you do not contact us within the reply deadline, or if we cannot confirm the registration of your PayPal account in your MediBang account, you will not be eligible for the prize giveaway.
  • Regardless of whether you win or not, we may post your work on websites, SNS services, etc. managed by MediBang Inc. for free. Please be sure of this in advance.

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