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Dress-up Drawing Challenge for "Sherbert!"


Let's dress up Sherbert from "Magical Beast Sherbert"!

Magical Beast Sherbert dress up
MediBang is collaborating with Sherberts' Production to hold a dress-up drawing challenge for a lovely character, "Sherbert!"

Let "Sherbert" wear the clothes you design,
and your designs may even show up on the MediBang & Sherberts' Production official social networks and websites!

What is "Magical Beast Sherbert"?

"Magical Beast Sherbert" is an anime series currently in development by Zexcs (Jewelpet, Diabolik Lovers, Shadowverse),
and is an insane blend of magical girls and multiverse adventures! Sherbert is a magical creature from another Earth called Lylasia,
who enlists the help of Togawa Erika to save our Earth and all Earths from interdimensional threats who feed on negative human emotions.
Through the power of their magical bond, Sherbert and Erika battle to save everyone!

Magical Beast Sherbert

"Magical Beast Sherbert" PV

Easy to join!!
Use the templates to design clothes for "Sherbert"!

Download the template file and create your designs according to the templete.

We plan to create a collection page, showcasing the artworks of the participants.
If you want to be featured for extra views and followers, post the art challenge with the tag Sherbertdressup by June 23, 2021

*Please follow the submission guidelines.
*Please do not delete the logo and copyright on the lower right of the image.
*Works that are submitted to the art challenge will be posted for free and without compensation on the website, social networking services/sites, catalogs, etc.managed by MediBang, Inc. and Sherbert Production, for purposes such as [promotion, advertising etc.]
*Please make sure to add the tag and lock it.

The manga in print is now in development!
Show your support and get rewards!

Sherberts' Production is working with artist Mochiusagi to create a companion manga series based on anime.

They are holding a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter,
a lot of attractive rewards are available for the supporters!

For example, there is a chance that your name will appear as an easter egg in the manga!

Magical Beast Sherbert

Magical Beast Sherbert

Check it out!

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