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Featured Videos of Tutorial and Speed Painting!


Watching others tutorial videos and practicing everyday helps improving your drawing skills! Therefore we are going to introduce some tutorial and speed painting videos for you! Watch the videos and practice!

Jack and the Beanstalk



This is a speed painting video of an artwork based on the concept of “Jack and the Beanstalk” by Andersen. This video included the process from drawing outline to final touch-ups.
There are 2 points we would like to introduce in this video. First, the artist has put a lot of efforts into drawing outlines.
The artist used thick lines for object which is close to the viewer, and meanwhile fine lines are used for background objects which is far away from the viewer. This technique helps the drawing appear to be more 3D. Second, the artist has used a coloring method slightly different from the Japanese anime style. With the control of light and shadow, the artist presented a world of fairy tale.

Easy Medibang Hair Tutorial



This is a tutorial video of how to paint anime hair in MediBang Paint Pro! This video included the process from drawing outline to final touch-ups.
The explanation is very clear that it is easy for beginners of digital drawing to understand! The content of tutorial is not only limited to hair but also included the introduction of MediBang Paint's basic functions, such as how to use G-pen brush, function of clipping, multiply layers etc.
There are many tutorials of MediBang Paint in this channel, subscribe it if you want to watch more!

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time



This is a speed painting video of a fan art of “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” by artist Dzikawa.
Complicated composition with excellent choice of color schemes, all of these implies the outstanding drawing skills of this artist. The artist decided pose of character and composition of background on draft layer, and started painting without lineart. The feature of this drawing style is that background and character were painted simultaneously. It seems that the traditional art skills were applied in digital painting.
The advantage of this drawing method is that it will be easier to control the balance of whole picture comparing to other ways of drawing. If you are interested in digital thick painting, you do not want to miss this video!




Twin-tailed girl surrounding by flowers is so loveable!
Watery blue and yellow were used as major colors in this artwork. The function of “watercolor edge” was frequently used in this video. It has been used in drawing shadings, flowers and butterflies. It is especially useful when drawing flowers in the background, because you do not need to draw outlines for them. You may refer to 3:53 of the video for the detail use of this function.
In additional, the artwork was created on MediBang Paint! This video is highly recommended to all MediBang Paint users!




The illustration in this speed painting was drawn on Android tablet. The artist must be confident enough in drawing stable lines as the stabilizer(Correction) for brush tools was only set at 2…(The higher you set the stabilizer the stronger it will become.) Besides, large area of frills makes it a plentiful image.

Here is the summary of this video:
02:05…Beta shading, background
03:55…Coloring, shading, fine adjustment

The playback speed of the video is relatively fast, so you are recommended to adjust the speed in order to look into the details. Moreover, zooming in and out smoothly is an important skills when you are drawing on tablet! Remember to adjust the angle of canvas to draw smoothly!




In order to create Japanese painting style outlines, the artist has spent a lot of efforts, for example, adjust outlines on vector layer. Symmetrical ruler has been used in drawing symmetrical objects like patterns on decorations. It helps to enhance the efficiency of drawing.

Here are some highlights of this video:
04:30…Background & pedestal (Use of Symmetrical ruler etc.)
10:15…Patterns on background & pedestal (Use of Symmetrical ruler)

Do not forget to zoom in when you draw decorations in details. It is a key point to improve the quality of your works!

The smiling girl in this illustration seems like asking “Blooming flowers are beautiful, right?”.
Although it is a short video, it includes a lot of useful skills that you do not want to miss! Colors were marked on the canvas for reference. The illustration looks like an analogue art with watercolor painting . Buckets and select tools were seldom used therefore viewers are able to enjoy realistic brush strokes.
It is time for you to develop a new drawing style after watching this video!

Here are some highlights of this video:
00:05…How to paint skin
00:11…How to paint clothes
00:30…How to draw hairs
00:55…How to draw eyes




It seems difficult and time-consuming to finish such a high-quality artwork. However, the artist used many tiny techniques to speed up the process! Anyway, it must be a hard time for the artist to draw all those small decorations in details...

Here are some highlights of this video:
00:17…How to draw curly hair
00:15…How to draw frills
03:00…Eye tutorial
11:25...Creating patterns

The artist has put a lot of time and effort into final touch-ups which is necessary in producing high-quality artworks.

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