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Elelona Eclaire LEVEL 4

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name: Elelona Eclaire
Ranking: class 3 rank 9
Weight and height: 57kg/180cm
Nationality: English/Japanese
Age: 23
A former noble who gave up her position and joined Blue Hunter to protect her three orca pals, Unus, Duo, and Tribus. Her father, a Royal Doctor, tortures orcas by dissecting them for his experiments. He believes that by altering their DNA, he could make orcas have more ability than humans, but hundreds of orcas have perished in the process. Eclaire didn't think twice and immediately put a halt to her father's crazy experiment after learning about it. The trio now possessed abilities and Eclair tried to free them but they wouldn't leave her. She then decided to leave everything and started a new life in a foreign land with the trio as a blue hunter in order to protect them from those who have ill intentions. With her knowledge and skills she gained reputations and ranks in Blue Hunter world.

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