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8 months ago

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I love Gunpla (or Gundam in general) since I was little.
I have no friends or a girlfriend, only Gunpla can make me happy. (anyone want to be my friend?)

but in recent years my situation has gotten more difficult, I can't even afford to buy cheap HG Gunpla or the stuff I want.
That's why I wanted a new Gunpla, I missed the assembly process.

Sorry if the illustration doesn't match the item I want,
I was thinking hard what should I draw if I wanted a Gunpla,
"maybe I should draw a Gundam?" I thought.
I tried but in the end I couldn't draw a Gundam (Kyrios Gundam) T-T ..
so I decided to draw this illustration and use the most iconic Gundam of all time, RX-78-2.

Please, I need it >.<
Thank you!


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