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Belos (Bellfly oc) LEVEL 3

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2 years ago

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alright this needs explaining lol
so yesterday I found a new area in hollow knight called the city of tears and that area has little critters called bellflies, but these bellflies will literally kill themselves to protect their territory, yesterday I fought back tears because these cute little critters kept exploding

so because I needed something to feel better, me and Squidkid made Bellfly ocs that are siblings, this is Belos (credit to Squidkid for the name) her Bellfly is named Milo, both are very cute

I love Belos's color scheme, pink looks kinda bad to me but if it's used with black or gray it looks fucking amazing to me

Her crying represents me fighting tears because of the bellflies dying
The tears of this Bellfly are not blood but rather the same fluid in the belly, not blood but rather toxic fluid

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