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Among Us: The Last Supper LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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there is 1 imposter among us.
who is sus?
This is another version of my "The Last Supper" but Among Us version.
the other one was the "Attack on Titan" Version
you can also view that on this link:
please leave a like or heart react or you will be suspicious.

I am Doro Hanshuu and I am self-studying art
this is the fifth week
you can follow my progress at
Twitter account: DoroHanshuu
Medibang Art Street: Doro Hanshuu
Pixiv Account: Doro Hanshuu
DeviantArt Account: DoroHanshuu
Instagram: Doro Hanshuu
Facebook Page: Doro Hanshuu
any heart react or comment on this would be greatly appreciated and feel free to communicate with me

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Latest Doro Hanshuu’s art

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