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1 year ago

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...I dunno how to start this off ._.'

I only thought of a name for the skele cat, Sable, and I had a friend's help. maybe help me for the others?

Sable - a male skele-cat with an incredible voice range. could be described as smug, arrogant, confident but is also thoughtful, considerate and helpful. acts like a gentleman most of the time, but can be a handful. likes to ride on others' heads. owner: Nufin

we'll call the orange one Flare for now- probably the one to run headfirst into danger. can be stubborn. often the one leading. owner: Loro (short yellow one in my banner pic)

green (Moss)- child. ambitious and brave. loves to help. often gets stuff wrong. owner: tempirel

Blue(myst)- the parent friend. calm and the one who gets them out of trouble. can be mischievous and childish at times. owners: Xno(Zeno) and Yve(yuvee or evie)(two 'humans' on banner pic)

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