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7 months ago

  • The_Challengers

  • blue

  • ibispaint

  • :v

  • eyes

  • tutorial

  • turquoise

  • sparkles

  • 目イキング

  • kawaii

  • メイキング

i tried.
i just got bored so I made this
this wont be popular but i just wanted to make this for fun :D

The Challengers


What is the challenger system?

On tutorials and references, you can post an artwork that shows what you made based on the tutorial.

  • mayura_a

    The coloring for these eyes are amazing and so is the drawing! Will definitely be using this technique again, so thanks a lot for the help! 💕

  • UtauChan-P

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I feel like the eyes I draw are so much more beautiful now!! <3 <3 <3

  • Thank you so much for the inspiration! :) I know the blush is wonky but I really like it! -regards, Slimeblocks..

  • theACTress3

    Today was my first time working on MediBang Paint Pro. I wasn't sure how to do the snowy gradient (or anything after that, haha) since I'm still learning how to use the equipment. But this was so much fun, especially for my first challenge! Thank you for the wonderful step by step guide; it really helped! I hope to revisit this when I get better! :)

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