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2 years ago

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never thought I'd get this far :D

basically, draw the image above in your style. but here's the thing:
you can add WHATEVER you want in the background. no NSFW, of course. but other than that, go wild.
make a new background, throw in your ocs and ships, detonate a bomb, go ahead! I'm only stopping you if you attempt to draw NSFW.
this will also be part of a contest, and the prizes? keep going down :)

[custom adopts]
everyone will get a free custom adopt. however, if you manage to be one of the top three of the contest, here are the prizes:
1st = 4 more custom adopts
2nd = 2 more custom adopts
3rd = 1 more custom adopt

instructions are in the DTIYS section, and to make sure you submitted it into the contest, put in the tag '200_DTIYS'

deadline is the end of November.
good luck guys!

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