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3 weeks ago

  • Technoblade

  • MCYT

  • Eret

  • DreamSMP

  • Tubbo

  • Ranboo

1.ponk, Tubbo, Slimecicle, Technoblade
2.Hannahxxrose, Purpled, Georgenotfound, Drista
3.Punz, Ranboo, Callahan, Philza
4.Awesamdude, Quackity, Lani, Connoreatspants
5.Nihachu, Tommyinnit, Jschlatt, The Eret

I spinned a wheel and this is what they got my favorite ones are sam, gogy, tommy, eret, ranboo, and philza

comment ur fav ones and is it just me or does sam look gay


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