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Tysm For 90 Followers LEVEL 3

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2 years ago

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Idk how long this took me, but whatever it was, was a LONG TIME XD-

Bro, like it took so many layers to get the sunset effect thing- I think it looks pretty- if you don’t then… um don’t say anything cause this took me a long time and I’d be sad if somebody hated on it TvT… but anyway, the purpose of this drawing was to celebrate my 90 follower milestone! I can’t believe so many people are following to see my crappy art, god dang bro. There’s way better artists you could be following and supporting right now, but you choose to share your affection and support with me. I appreciate that you care. If you read this, you deserve a gold star.

And also, what should I do for 90 followers? Somebody suggested DTIYS but idk. If I do, do a DTIYS, it will probably be this drawing-

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