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Goretober day 16 (also late) LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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Yesterday's prompt was Hanahaki (A fictional disease in which a person coughs up or bleeds flower petals) Let me be real with you.... Last year's Hanahaki prompt was so much better than this, I mean the anatomy was shit but at least the flowers and the gore was better, this just looks pathetic, I'm so sorry most of these drawings are lack luster of gore, most of the time it's just because idk what kind of gore I should do for a certain prompt, or I don't want to go all out (like I want to do) because Medibang might take it down. I think next year if I do goretober, I won't be posting it here, I'll probably post it on deviantart and toyhouse only, cause I want to go all out, I wanna make everything supper gory, but medibang doesn't like it and if it gets the age restriction changed, I cannot view it and so there's no point in doing so if I cannot view my own work on here

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