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5 months ago

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When I was around 9 I remember seeing cyberpunk trailer for the first time and getting excited to the game and the PC we have then was like from 1998 and we were in a pretty tough spot because of financial needs since my dad lost his job and it was a pretty hard time but we were able to get through and now in the present day a new cyberpunk trailer was released but I didn’t have any money since I am still in Highschool and not only that the price of for the parts was rising since it was quarantine but I was able to trick my dad to buy a second hand computer(Sorry dad(>人<;). but I couldn’t play the game since I don’t have a gpu in my pc and the gpu I want was really expensive, so my wish to Santa Claus is to gift me a gpu so that I could play the new cyberpunk game that I’ve been waiting for 7 whole years to play, in that time period I could have get myself a girlfriend.


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