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1 year ago

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  • By_Tortellini

Character: Basil
Game: Omori

Here's my second fanart (โ ๏พ‰โ โ—•โ ใƒฎโ โ—•โ )โ ๏พ‰โ *โ .โ โœง
I spent much more time on this one instead of the first one (remember to check it out later ;D)
Anyways I'll give some context to this image in case you don't recognize this scene from Omori
Spoiler alert!!
In black space, there's a scene where Omori Finds Basil :0 so they start walking among some watermelons :>
Now if you played Omori before, you know that watermelons in headspace contain gifts, so I decided to break those watermelons, but after a while when Omori interacts with the last watermelon, it actually breaks,,, Basil??
Idk how to explain that-
I mean instead of opening the watermelon, it happened to Basil (โ โ”›โ โœงโ ะ”โ โœงโ )โ )โ โ”›โ ๅฝกโ โ”ปโ โ”โ โ”ป
So yeah I drew that scene (โ โ€ขโ ย โ โ–ฝโ ย โ โ€ขโ ;โ )
I hope you like this one too if you saw my first fanart ;)
If you didn't uhh go check it out (โ ๏พ‰โ โ—•โ ใƒฎโ โ—•โ )โ ๏พ‰โ *โ .โ โœง
I'm going to bed now :)
See youโ˜†

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