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1 month ago

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For 250 followers special, I'm going to make a Profile Picture Contest~!!!


1. Draw my main OC (Mikasa), you can also draw SolarFlare (my Medi SMP character)
2. No 18+
3. You can change the clothing if you want, as long as it's appropriate
4. Do not change the eye and hair color (and hairstyle)
5. Deadline is on May 8 (extended), the results will come out few days later after the contest has been closed.
6. If there are only a few entries (2-3), I will extend the contest.
7. Tell me if you're joining and link the entry here if you're done~!!

Winner Prizes✨:
1st Place- 2 Custom Adopts, 1 Request, and a Shout-out
2nd Place- 1 custom adopt, 1 request and a Shout-out
3rd Place- 1 custom adopt or 1 request, and a Shout-out

You can join if you want~!! (I'm sorry for not making a contest before, I was afraid that nobody would join)

ANNOUNCEMENT: The contest deadline is extended for a week, have fun drawing~!!


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