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4 months ago

  • September2020_Contest:Furry

  • medibangpaint

  • Doggo

  • MyrtleMae

  • Floofers

  • Cmagistrelli

  • Puppers

  • BobbySue

  • furry

  • WholesomeFurryHours

  • Grandma

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These are my uncle and aunt's doggos, Myrtle Mae (The one on the left in the blue dress) and Bobby Sue (The one in the pink dress). Bobby Sue is very vocal and my uncle claims that Myrtle Mae cusses a lot so I drew Bobby telling some puppers across the street that she made cookies for them and Myrtle's complaining about how loud her sister's voice is. And they're elderly ladies in dog years so I drew them as grandma doggos. :3


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