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lazy ass Halloween doodle for y'all แ••( แ› )แ•— LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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happy Halloween everyone! (โ ๏พ‰โ โ—•โ ใƒฎโ โ—•โ )โ ๏พ‰โ *โ .โ โœง
I might me a little late but still better than not posting anything :)
Idk what time it is where you live, but it's night in here :>
I went to a special event today (here in Italy) where people not only dress up for Halloween, but also cosplay a lot of anime/videogames characters ใƒพโ (โ *โ โ€™โ ๏ผฏโ โ€™โ *โ )โ /
and there are also special stands where people sell a lot of stuff: action figures, posters, mangas, and so on :')
I spent all day looking for anime merchandise lol เฒ โ โˆ€โ เฒ 
and I bought a cute Funko pop of Paimon from Genshin Impact!! (โ โœชโ ใ‰จโ โœชโ )
I'm so happy I bought it (โ ไบบโ ย โ โ€ขอˆโ แด—โ โ€ขอˆโ )
I wish I could have bought more,,, but I ran out of money เฒฅโ โ€ฟโ เฒฅ
but I had fun! ^^
that's enough talking -w-
I'm sorry I'm not that original with costumes, I drew myself dressed up as a vampire, kinda boring :/
it's just that I drew myself like this at the beginning of October and I used it as my pfp for the whole month เฒ โ โˆ€โ เฒ 
gotta go to bed
byeee :D


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