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5 months ago

  • October2020_Contest:Food

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  • food

  • medibangpaint

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  • Malaysia

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Char Kuey Tiao is Hokkien, means Stir-fried flat noodle. Kuey Tiao is a common noodle in Malaysia, it is white colour, in flat and long shape. Normally it’s stir fried with bean sprouts, prawns 🍤 and other ingredients, depends in different places. And lastly, add some lime juice, a perfect and satisfied lunch done😋 / this is my first time to draw this kind of flat noodle, the outcome look a bit weird for me. Hope the next piece of char Kuey Tiao will be better in the future.
Char Kuey Tiao 是福建話,中文為炒粿條。粿條是馬來西亞常見的麵條之一,白色的,扁扁的長型麵條,吃起來很普通的麵條有完全不一樣的口感。當然烹煮方式也很多樣化,根據不同地方當地人有不一樣的方式。第一次畫這類型的扁平的粿條,完成效果有點不如預期。希望下一次能夠畫得更接近實物。


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