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Requests from Ev@pro and E.M.M.I =] LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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first one is Bingo from Bluey, a request from Ev@pro, and 2nd one is an E.M.M.I from Metroid Dread, a request from E.M.M.I =)
i had fun!!! i hope i drew the EMMI correctly- i didnt have the best reference for it lol. but i actually drew it pretty quickly. and drawing Bingo aaaaaa i had so much fun. i like how Bingo and Bluey have different features (like them having shorter/longer noses from each other) it gives them character and makes it more interesting. i hope Bingo doesnt look too old here cuz i think they're supposed to be Bluey's younger sibling? but anyway, i hope you guys like it!!!!

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