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omfg look who it is LEVEL 3

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Did y'all miss him?

What's funny is that Arthur McAllister and Arthur Pickett will never meet because Arthur McAllister would probably be absolutely pissed at Bingus for "replacing him" and because he usually is very violent when he's angry he would probably beat the ever living shit out of bingus just for the simple crime of existing.... That's why they will never meet :))

And if we are being honest if that ever happened, Bingus would've been violated for literally no reason because it was technically my fault that all of that happened, not Bingus's fault :)) both of the two are sweet as Hell but one of them is def more violent than the other and I only told you all of that because I don't want you or anyone else getting the bright idea that these two should meet because Arthur Pickett (Bingus) would most definitely take the L

And I just admitted that Arthur McAllister can be an absolute asshole and Arthur Pickett is too weak to do anything about it...

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