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Balance is the key to everything LEVEL 3

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3 years ago

  • February2021_Fantasy

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The balance between calm and insanity is the master key to all the doors in our path. The same applies to "Father Nature", Jeong Wasen, however, literally.
His peacefulness with the echoing voices in his head pleading for his prayers to be heard is a trigger for the insanity and madness of not being able to help everyone.
In his moments of meditation, the only thing that calms him down is the sound of the drops of his "willow" hair falling on the surface of water, in an ethereal world where there is only his conscious.
A moment of anger and imbalance is like a nightmare in life, sinking him into a deep and lifeless dark water.
A god's life is not easy, but with a love in his life, everything could change. Even more so when an injured young man appears lying in his forest.
He's one of my OCs. He is a kind of god, in this case, "Father Nature", having the appearance of an elf mixed with traces of a willow.

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