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Is this... SHIP ART?!? LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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Very rare coming from Gloom 😲
Ok but all jokes aside, there is a reason as to why I do not draw ship art all too often.... Well there's many reasons actually but mainly cause I simple do not wwant to :)
Other factors do come into play for why I do not draww ship art often, mostly regarding medibang and its infamy regarding age restrictions and what not (i won't go into detail)

I guess I finally decided to make an exception though and that is what this is
For context, me and Keb shipped our characters... Thats about all the context you'll ever need in life for this.

Also just an fyi, the big guy isn't a true form for Alzerdo anymore, he has because a new character, his name is Equinox.

Also why tf did I render this😨

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