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1 month ago

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Hi!! Yeah I’m making a contest to redesign my oc Kmy (that’s me) well you can change everything except the eyes and the hair make it of any style but keep it short, and the personality, this ends february 10 and tha rules are:
1 if you want to join it’s not mandatory below your name the only thing I required is to put the link of your drawing.
2 please no nudes keep content for all ages.
3 please use your imagination and don’t copy other drawings.
4 have fun with this!!
1rst: 2 ocs, 2 request
2ond: 1 oc, 2 request
3ird: 1 oc, 1 request
4our and 5ive: 1 request or 1 oc
Thanks for participating in this contest and good luck
let the hunger games begin!


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