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God Willing # LEVEL 1

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1 year ago

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My life isn't bright as other childrn, I've been the victim of cruel bullying for 3 yrs since 2016. Harassment, deprivation of money, kicked, and discriminated have become my life. I haven't told to anyone coz 'they' broke my trust. Still, I can only dreamin' of getting Huion hs64, my ideal PenTab. I rlly want it. In 2020 when I was about to save money to buy it, the Covid19 pandemic hit + I got Scabies which made me strssed and depressed even more. Yep, I ran out of money for life necessities and medical needs every week which is expnsive. I always trying to sty strong even w/ tears. I devastated. When u're sleep soundly at night, but on the other side of the world there are those who cry and even try to commit su1c!de, is tht what is called "life is beautiful"?
‌I beg u to let me win. Pls buy me this PenTab. I just want to be a pro artist who lives w/ love and compassion. Ty ArtStreet Team, ILYSM.
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