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My Ideal Husbando - Takahiro LEVEL 3

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2 years ago

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※Animal lover/loved by animals
※compassionate, kind and supportive
※he is very intimidating and short-tempered at first
※extremely passionate at things he loves, and this is kinda cute, no crap!
※loved by kids, he dunno why (lol)
※He can't smile on command, if he tries, it looks creepy (lol)
※fruity voice
※smells after herbs and soap
※likes horror and yokai stuff, but gets easily scared of it
※175cm +
※fluffy hair with undercut
※hot chocolate is his coffee (yeah, I mean it like that xD)
※he likes music and listen to bands like MAN WITH A MISSION or OLDCodex
※cooking skills
※loves walking in nature and baths

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