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Contest // desc LEVEL 3

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2 years ago

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Two years! This profile is two years old now!! :D
Thank you all for being with me. If not you all, I don't even know where my low self-assessment would be :']
Sorry for not mention everyone this time, the biggest thanks go to AurumLupus and Blackkitty. What would I do without you?! You have so many other more interesting people around, but for some reason you are here. I don't know how to thank you!!!

and now about the contest:

What you chose, you have ;D
option 4- draw one of my OCs interacting with one of yours :3

Thanks to awesome text limit I can't write everything here. Go read the first comments :)
Have fun with it!!

Contest starts today: 08.04.
and ends:
*looks at the calendar*
let's say 06.05.

whole 4 weeks, it should be enough(?)

results- up to week after deadline
(but rather will be at May 7-8)

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