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ART streetイラスト講座-第21弾- 素材を使ってみよう! (背景編)

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3 years ago

  • The_Challengers

  • DrawingLessons

ART streetイラスト講座-第21弾- 素材を使ってみよう! (背景編)



Drawing Lessons on ART street Vol.21 How To Use a Background Image

We will show you how you can use background images.
There are many background images available for purchase on ART street↓↓↓
Use resource images for a high quality background!


The Challengers


What is the challenger system?

On tutorials and references, you can post an artwork that shows what you made based on the tutorial.

  • Ryansarts

    I never thought to add color to these materials until I saw this illustration I'm posting to. This has inspired me and really has increased my artist tool box!! Thank you Medibang!!

  • Paupi.Art

    Thank you for the tutorial! I am one of Medibang's' newest ambassadors and I used the Tokyo Food District material for this challenge! It's my take on what it would look like at night if it had neon lights! Hope you like it! Great tutorial too!

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