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2 years ago

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decided to try out the mayden dress up, and who better to use as a model as the fashionist, Benji! Quick info dump, best friends with vivianne, likes to wear dresses, wants to make suits more interesting, not a professional in fashion and just likes it, doesn't think clothes should be gendered and is trying to combine suits and dresses.
tell me if you wanna see Benji model more outfits again! below is a little snippet what life is like with his crew of friends if you wanna read! (censored profanity)
= = ÷ = =
"They say men shouldn't wear dresses, but if I have to be honest, I think I rock this more than most ladies"
"Like, if they're gonna complain about this hot mess, then [REDACTED] them"
"We're on camera!"
"Creator prefers no cursing so it wouldn't be so restricting"
"Oh fffruitcake you're right! But um.."
"What, you dolt?"
"Aren't the cameras supposed to be at the studios?"
"...hehe, got ya."

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