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for my mom LEVEL 3

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3 years ago

  • giftyouwant2020

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I was gonna ask for a VR head set but then I thought I should not be so selfish . ive been a useless child for all my life to mom I never had the freedom to buy something on my own so I was never able to gift my mom . well now I have maybe a chance . Our family isn't that rich so my mom has a old Samsung phone which She's been using for 2 years now . She started going to jobs outside now and she need a good phone to be able do things fast is she is ever in trouble Im kind of worried that if she get in trouble and because of phone lag she isnt able to call us .if I could buy this phone for her I would really look forward to her reaction . I just wanna be Thankful for all the food and care she gives me . here the link to the phone__(

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