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Valentines Choco ! 💝🍫 LEVEL 7

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1 year ago

  • February2023,MonthlyContest:Valentine'sDay

  • girl

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  • heart

  • love

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  • red

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  • Valentine

  • ValentinesDay

" Isn't today Valentine's day ? Let's give 'em Love and a special Valentine's Day Treat ! Then they may cherish the time too ! ".
- valentine's fairy
The girl is a Valentine's Fairy, she's specificated for delivering Valentine's treat !
She loves to give treats to the people that need it or..needs to be feeling loved ;D.
sometimes, she also writes a letter, and giving it to them along with the treats !
Hello there, how are you ?
I hope everything goes well.
It's February !
It's Valentine's month !
and so this ArtStreet's monthly contest theme !
I made this drawing exactly at day the contest started, but you see :'D
i suffer enough
i'm gonna take a little rest
Like I promised ! Here's the speedpaint !
Take a look ;u;
Thank you very much !
That's all !
Thank you very much for the view and for reading this !
That means a lot !
Thank you !
Please have a Great day and a Good night !
Hope to see you again, bye bye !

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