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Redesigning old OCs and introducing new ones #5 LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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I've found an OC called Charlotte Wich is very similar to her old design cuz she was a nun too
so I wanted to change her a bit :) (the OC Charlotte was made by VIVINOS)
⚠️This OC wasn't created to insult catholic religion, if this story offends you, my apologies⚠️

Caroline is a small girl who has been found years before by some nuns, she has been living in a convent with them.
She's cold and quiet, people found surprising her strange looking: her yellow eyes with some very small pupils, her white hair and her body, wich was not the body of a young girl but it wasn't a male body either
She has always been praying alone or during the night, but her prayers were very strange because she didn't speak a understandable language
During a strange night, she was praying when she suddenly started to spit black blood, her skin became black...(she became like the second image) but she continued praying, then her head detached from her body and disappeared
The convent caught fire


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