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Contest Entry for Neøn-Øasis LEVEL 3

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3 years ago

  • medibangpaint

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This is for Neøn-Øasis's contest!
I buffed the upper body by a lot, hope this is still okay..!
Name: Stratos
Pronouns: They/them
Story: Stratos puts one in mind of a curious boulder. Their physique and strength allowed them to start exploring at a very young age. During their journey, Stratos had to fight off a monster in self defense, unknowingly saving the lives of local forest spirits (the yellow jelly bird things riding on their shoulders) who started worshipping them as some sort of deity.
After learning that similar monstrosities had been tormenting the area, Stratos, though still feeling a bit weirded out by their tiny followers, decided that they would stay and help in ways they could.
Traits: Gentle, taciturn, honest, not very cunning but any mistakes of an enemy will be punished harshly
Likes: Stars and constellations

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