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For my dear gurl, Cmagistrelli. please read desc. LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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(paragraph 1)
Aright, it's time we get done with this my friend,
let's do this together ':)
So basically, as far as I have figured out, you do have a hard time with being adult and it's just to much responsibility. Now, you basically have a strict mom, not abusive, but pressurizing and strict, and so is your aunt. I have learned a tactic from a book, that if you can't take pressure and criticism, then critisize your own self about it. for example, my mom told me to study and stop being lazy. I would tell that to my very own self and tell my self the same thing again and again until i just start laughing about it myself. And finally find the motivation to study. the thing is, it depends on how and when to use this. If you feel like the criticism you got wasn't gonna help you in the future, you don't need be so hard on your self only then.

I'll continue the rest in the comments...

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