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Anime - Realism(...wannabe) LEVEL 6

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2 years ago

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Hi Hello everyone ! As you can see It's my first time joining iChallenge, so I'm very excited for it ! >v<
I joined in this theme because I think It's the only one that I can do YvY .
• • •
I wanted to tell you that...I'm not finished any colored drawing now, the phone that I usually use for drawing were being borrowed...And It's already 1 week ;_; aaaaah I want to color so bad .
So for next upload I think I'll just upload my Old art, or maybe black and white...Yeah Thank you for understanding ❤️
• • •
Also, I reduce the template canvas size so my phone can run it, sorry medi ;)
• • •
That's All !
Thank you so much for reading this description and the art view ! That means a lot ! ❤️❤️❤️

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